Enno Ruijters

I obtained my PhD in May 2018 in the Formal Methods and Tools group of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science at the University of Twente, working on the ArRangeer project to improve maintenance engineering using stochastic model checking, focused on railroad maintenance.

I then did a year of postdoctoral research in the same group on the StepUp project to improve software testing, by using logs of past users to focus testing on those aspects of the software that are actually used in practice.

I'm currently working at BetterBe B.V. as a software engineer.

Before my PhD, I studied the master Operations Research at the Department of Knowledge Engineering of the Maastricht University. For my master thesis I extended the Markov Reward Model Checker tool to use Interval Arithmetic, to produce the Interval Markov Reward Model Checker tool.